In the middle of the ocean, a new form of horror is taking shape.
Group of heroin smugglers finds shelter on abandoned oil rig after their ship had exploded. Soon they find that the oil rig was just cover for biological experiment. One of the results is Charlie - shape-shifting monster with ability to absorb the memory of its victims. However, even such creatures have their own bad habits.


John Chard
There's a monster on the loose again! Based on the novel Slimer written by Harry Adam Knight (AKA: John Brosnan), Proteus is just another low rent monsters on the loose picture. Plot has a bunch of drug smugglers initially thankful of finding an oil rig out at sea after their boat was wrecked by incompetence. But soon enough they realise they are not alone and floating out on a life raft may have been the better option. So it's all nutty science gone wrong as a bunch of poor actors, headed by Craig Fairbrass with big muscles and a mullet, get involved in an Alien/The Thing amalgamation. Director Bob Keen ensures things are kept dark to hide the cheapness of it all, though some icky scenes keep the pic away from total damnation. But come the arrival of Proteus in its true form, you may find yourself laughing instead of being afraid. 3/10

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