The Pact 2018

Suddenly, Clara, Mónica's daughter, falls into a deep coma. With Clara left to die, a mysterious man proposes Monica to make a pact: Clara will be saved if Mónica does something for him.

El pacto 2008

TV Miniseries of 2 episodes. "El pacto" tells the unusual and controversial story, inspired by a real case happened in the U.S., seven girls, Rebeca, Mará, Ana, Bea, Vivi, Merche and Carol seven teenage friends and students of 4th year of the same class one day decide to take a surprising decision: to become pregnant at the same time. After achieving his goal, it creates a stir in the school where they study and the girls become the focus of the small seaside town in which they reside. Soon after, the remarkable fact is investigated by their parents and teachers, as well as the media to discover the motivations behind this group of adolescents to carry out the unusual pact.

The Pact 1976

When they were children, siblings Sergio and Teresa made a promise to never leave each other. That unhealthy co-dependence continues on into adulthood, with Teresa proving to be a violent schizophrenic who's set off any time someone threatens to come between her and her brother. Sergio Véjar (camera operator in some Luis Buñuel's most popular films) writes and directs this strange story "based on true facts" with some reminiscences of Buñuel's melodramas.

Adriana's Pact 2017

Lissette's favorite aunt, Adriana, settled in Australia, is arrested in 2007 while is visiting her family in Chile and accused of having worked for dictator Pinochet's notorious secret police, the DINA, and participated in the commission of state crimes. When Adriana denies these accusations, Lissette begins to investigate her story to film a documentary about it.

The Pact 2012

After their mother passes away, sisters Nicole and Annie reluctantly return to their childhood home to pay their last respects. While staying overnight in the house, the sisters sense a mysterious presence in their midst: noises startling them in the night, objects moving about, a fallen picture of an unknown woman posed next to their mother. Annie begins experiencing a series of intense and disturbing dreams - visions that lead her to uncover something terrible about her mother's past that is finally revealing itself.

The Covenant 2017

After the tragic deaths of her husband and daughter, Sarah Doyle moves back to her childhood home with her estranged brother, Richard. It's not long before Sarah begins to experience supernatural phenomena of a violent and hostile nature.

The Pact II 2014

The sequel is set just weeks after Annie Barlow's deadly confrontation with the Judas Killer. In this elevated sequel, we meet June, a woman whose carefully constructed life is beginning to unravel due to lucid nightmares so awful they disturb her waking life

Brotherhood of the Wolf 2002

In 18th century France, the Chevalier de Fronsac and his Native American friend Mani are sent by the King to the Gevaudan province to investigate the killings of hundreds by a mysterious beast.

A Pact 2013

A dark psychological thriller, A Pact tells the twisted story of a contentious love triangle. As teenagers, Paul tricked Georg into handing over his girlfriend Anna to him. Georg agrees, on the condition that he can have her back whenever he wishes. After decades of silence, when Anna and Paul have a family together, Georg suddenly re-appears. Strange things start happening to Paul, and it soon becomes clear that Georg has not forgotten the pact.

Lying to Be Perfect 2010

By day, Nola Devlin (Poppy Montgomery) is an unassuming, frumpy magazine editor who is overlooked and teased by her coworkers. When the sun sets, though, and she is behind the glow and anonymity of her computer screen, she becomes the famous and “reclusive” advice columnist Belinda Apple. Nola’s friends, tired of being overworked and overweight, band together to create the “Cinderella Pact,” vowing to lose pounds by following the advice of their “fairy godmother,” Apple. When her secret identity is threatened, Nola is forced to take her own alter ego’s advice. But, as the group of friends drops dress sizes, their real issues are exposed, and better-than-expected life changes begin to blossom.

The Hitler–Stalin Pact 2019

How could Hitler and Stalin, sworn ideological enemies, come to a secret pact in 1939? The captivating and detailed story of the diplomatic fiasco that led to the signing of the Nazi-Soviet pact and its devastating consequences.

The Holcroft Covenant 1985

A man who was a confidant of Adolf Hitler dies and leaves a fortune to make amends for his Nazi past--but his son has to search the world to find it

Murder on Spec 2006

Kate Graham believed to have a perfect marriage, but after not touching her for months her husband Duke Fairbanks, who had an affair with her friend Diana Coles, demands a divorce. She waves the prenuptial-fixed sum of nearly a million dollars, so he lets her have the house temporarily while he lives on the yacht; his corpse is found there shortly after. An unknown man who claims he killed Duke 'for her' demands 10% of his vast inheritance. When her gay friend is arrested, without bail, she asks her lawyer to defend him. The killer orders her to have dinner, shakes the Seattle PD detective Paul Tannon, proves he knows her preferences, explains how he set Jim up and doubles his tariff to 20% now she has two lives to pay off. The unknown killer is actually a tax official called Mathis...

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