Stranger by the Lake 2013

Summertime. A cruising spot for men, tucked away on the shores of a lake. Franck falls in love with Michel, an attractive, potent and lethally dangerous man. Franck knows this, but wants to live out his passion anyway.

Lancelot of the Lake 1974

Having failed in their quest for the Holy Grail, the knights of the Round Table return to Camelot, their number reduced to a mere handful. Seeing a rift developing between Lancelot and Mordred, Arthur urges his knights to bury their differences and become friends. However, the king is unaware that Lancelot is having an affair with his queen, Guinevere. Lancelot is torn between his duty to his king and his love for the queen, whilst Mordred is determined to use his infidelity to destroy him.

Mirror Lake 2013

After his loved ones betray him, a man in his 30s goes to a lakeside cabin to hide from the world. But instead of finding peace, he has to deal with a kooky neighbour, a missing drowned man, a crook on the lam, a stripper who hides out with him, and the cop who’s madly in love with her and looking for her with murderous ardour.

Zombie Lake 1981

In a small village, somewhere in France, German soldiers, killed and thrown into the lake by the Resistance during WW II, come back.

A Lake 2009

The action unfolds in a country about which we know nothing, a land of snow and forests, somewhere in the North. A family lives in an isolated house near a lake. Alexi, a young, pure-hearted man, is a woodcutter. Occasionally suffering from epileptic seizures and overcome by an ecstatic state, he is one with the nature around him. Alexi is very close to his younger sister, Hege. Their blind mother, father, and younger brother, silently observe this uncontrollable love. One day a stranger arrives, a young man slightly older than Alexi.

Tintin and the Lake of Sharks 1972

Tintin is sent to guard Professor Calculus, who has invented a machine that can duplicate anything, and is staying in a village near the border of Syldavia and Bodouria. Rastapopoulous, an infamous and ruthless international criminal, tries to lure Calculus and Tintin away by kidnapping two children, who live nearby, in order to get his clutches on the machine.

People of the Lake 2018

More than a land, it is from the lake that this son comes. Raised by a father fisherman, he learned his noises and currents, maybe also its hardness at the same time as that of adults. Lake is also a border, but in the water his drawing is lost: in the fishery, "profession of free men", Savoyards and Vaudois find themselves in confreres, and if out loud we only talk about nets and fish, in silence we sometimes enter the Resistance. During the war, Switzerland was sent to refugees, without always understanding what is happening, or why they have this look. After the war, the son will contribute to another history: elected municipal, he participates in the emergence, in Lausanne or to Thonon, of a new left. According to the novel Gens du Lac de Janine Massard, published by Bernard Campiche

Hotel du Lac 1986

Hotel du Lac, a screenplay version of the Booker prize-winning novel by Anita Brookner, starring Anna Massey, was released in 1986 as an episode of the BBC's "Screen Two" series.

Lancelot du Lac 1970

This story is set in the 13th century, in Britain, where Lancelot, who was raised by Vivian, the Lady of the Lake, becomes one the Knight of the Round Tables and falls secretly in love with Guinevere, the wife of King Arthur, for whom he wants to accomplish many deeds.

Paradise In Heart 2014

Trung is a prisoner, guilty for robbery and murder. On the way to a new camp, he plots to escape. He robbed a gun to escape before the police chase. In desperation, Trung jumps into Kim's car. Kim is a solid, beautiful nurse who lives on an isolated farm, owned by a Vietnamese man living overseas. The farm is set up for his son, Hai, a 20-year-old boy who has a particular illness. Kim is responsible for taking care of Hai. Kim drives to the farm, unknowingly carrying Trung. Then a relationship forms between these three strange people. Both Kim and Hai have fallen in love with Trung with all joy, anger, and happiness.

Lac lôi 2013

Leaving their village to earn a living in the big city, Tham and Quy's relationship soon suffers in the face of impoverished conditions. Depressed Tham falls for the charms of Thuat, an urbane and sophisticated man. when Quy discovers Thaut's secret, he embarks on a desperate search for his wife. Can there be joy without material comfort?

Ladies Lake 1934

A handsome but penniless young man takes a summer job as a swimming instructor in a picturesque Alpine lake resort. He falls in love with a young heiress who is staying there with her father, but he also grabs the attention of tomboyish Puck who lives on the other side of the lake and who saves him from drowning one foggy night. Further havoc is caused by the arrival of Eric's old sweetheart whose husband is wanted by the police.

Around the Lake 2013

This short animated film was written and directed by Carl Roosens and Noémie Marsily using a mixture of pencil and ink during a residency at the Abbey of Fontevraud in May 2012. It is the first of a series of videos that will be distilled throughout the life of the album - Autour du Lac is the first single from La Paroi du ton Ventre, the second album from Carl et les hommes boîtes which will be released late april on brussels label Humpty Dumpty Records. It testifies a deep desire to strengthen the link between image and music that make Carl et les hommes boîtes a unique project boxes to strong visual identity.

The Children of An Lac 1980

Based on the true story of film actress Ina Balin and her efforts with American Red Cross volunteer Betty Tisdale as well as a compassionate Vietnamese woman running a Saigon orphange to rescue orphans.

The Lost Ring 2018

Cot is an employee of Ten's house, both have arguments, but despite Ten's strong personality, he ends up arousing feelings for Cot... how will it end?

Killer by the Lake 2017

Three years after Vanished by the Lake, Lise and Clovis are now by another lake, in Annecy, and face the challenge of a new family life with their nine-month-old son Tom as the couple takes on a demanding new investigation.

Vanished by the Lake 2015

Homicide Detective Lise returns to her hometown for the first time since a local tragedy shattered her teens. Tragedy strikes again when a teenage girl vanishes under circumstances that mirror the disappearance of Lise's two best friends, Ana and Marion, fifteen years earlier: an unsolved case. Convinced there is a connection, Lise is determined to find the missing girl and answers to the past.

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