Muslim .357 1986

Lt. Jamal (FPJ) is a Muslim undercover police officer, who is sent to Manila to help curb the runaway crime rate. Convinced of his (Jamal's) abilities as an undercover agent, he is summoned by Col. Castro to assist in unmasking the head of a big and vicious syndicate. In Manila, he is assigned as a bodyguard to a Police Major, who is also his contact, but two syndicate members beat him to the job.

Redneck Muslim 2017

The short film Redneck Muslim explores the life and work of Shane Atkinson, a hospital chaplain in-training at North Carolina's biggest trauma center and founder of the on-line group the 'Society of Islamic Rednecks.' A 45-year old, white "good old boy" from Mississippi who converted to Islam in 1999, Shane is exploring ways to honor his Southern heritage while also challenging white supremacy.

Muslim Magnum .357 2014

When the Muslim princess Ameera is kidnapped by a local crime syndicate, undercover cop Lt. Jamal Razul a.k.a Magnum is given the task of getting her back. Aided by fellow officer Joselito Ibanez, Razul discovers that there’s more to the kidnapping than mere ransom.

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World 2006

To improve its relations with Muslim countries, the United States government sends comedian Albert Brooks to south Asia to write a report on what makes followers of Islam laugh.

Black Muslim Woman 2018

From the first line, “I feel like I’m on fire,” Mikel Aki’leh Jones delivers a powerful poem on beauty and blackness. Against a rhythmic score, Aki’leh enumerates the ways in which she’s been told that her black skin is “a sign of dirt” to others -and how she ultimately finds strength and confidence through her faith.

The Muslim Pound 2016

British Muslim and journalist Myriam Francois discovers why the high street is increasingly targeting Muslim shoppers and if this is simply good business practice or pandering to an oppressive religious minority.

Muslim Drag Queens 2015

"I'm gay, I'm Muslim, I'm a drag queen, I'm British and Pakistani," said Asif Quraishi, Britain's first out and proud Muslim drag queen who performs under the glamorous alter ego, Asifa Lahore. "People say these things shouldn't fit together but hey, here I am." Now Quaraishi and his fellow artistes have been promised police protection amid fears that a Channel 4 documentary shining a spotlight on the "hidden" community of gay British Asians could provoke a violent response. Quraishi, 33, from Southall, West London, performs a provocative act in which he strips off a Burka and has received death threats from fellow Muslims.

I Am Gay and Muslim 2012

This intimate documentary I AM GAY AND MUSLIM follows a number of young Moroccan gay men in their exploration of their religious and sexual identity. The men portrayed in the film openly share their personal experiences and talk about the ambiguity and secretiveness of the life they feel condemned to live, although some have openly acknowledged their sexual orientation.

Nazrah: A Muslim Woman's Perspective 2004

Nazrah: A Muslim Woman's Perspective is an intimate look at a diverse group of Muslim women living in the Pacific Northwest in the USA. By creating a forum where Muslim women can freely engage in an open dialogue about complex issues, filmmaker Farah Nousheen exposes a vast and fascinating array of thoughts and ideas. The women discuss their views on Islam, current political events and how they reflect on the image of Islam in the West. The women also talk about the difficulty of achieving equality within the Muslim community while also fighting stereotypical portrayals of Muslim women in the US media. Nazrah (the Arabic word for "perspective") also includes director Farah Nousheen's own views on being a Muslim woman at a time when Islam is in the international spotlight.

Seven Wonders of the Muslim World 2008

Starting from six historic mosques in various parts of the Muslim world, a half-dozen pilgrims travel to Mecca in this gorgeously filmed PBS documentary. The journey sheds light on their beliefs and their lives as well as the beautiful worship sites. The seven wonders are Mecca's Grand Mosque, Jerusalem's al-Aqsa Mosque, Granada's Alhambra, Istanbul's Blue Mosque, Mali's Great Mosque of Djenné, Iran's Imam Mosque and Pakistan's Badshahi Mosque.

Al Nisa: Black Muslim Women in Atlanta's Gay Mecca 2013

Al Nisa: Muslim Women in Atlanta's Gay Mecca is the story of how filmmaker Red Summer brought five women together who sought to establish a community, where there was none, for Black Muslim Lesbians in Atlanta. Atlanta is considered the Black Gay Mecca of the United States. This is a contradiction of terms for most. However, within the Gay community of Atlanta, there is an even smaller community of women who identify as both Lesbian and Muslim.

On a Wing and a Prayer: An American Muslim Learns to Fly 2008

This gently funny film follows Monem Salam as he enrolls in an open-minded flying school. Monem is the son of a Pakistani commercial pilot. His wife Iman's family is Palestinian and although initially dubious about the marriage, now accepts the cultural differences. These modern-day Americans cast off stereotypes and refuse to succumb to victimhood.

The Muslim 1995

A Russian soldier who spent ten years in captivity in Afghanistan, returns to his home village and shocks all its inhabitants because of his conversion to Islam. During his absence, his father hanged himself, his brother served a prison term and his former fiancée has become a woman of very low morals. The village is the scene of endless drinking while the local boss is selling off the land for dollars to new-rich Russians. Our hero turns out as the only sober and hard-working member of the community. However, his attachment to his new faith soon provokes the hatred and rejection of everyone else, including his own family.

A Little for My Heart and a Little for My God: A Muslim Women's Orchestra

Since in Algeria most women traditionally are not allowed to mix with men, female orchestras customarily entertain gatherings of women. When they play, women remove their veils and dance, away from the view of men. All summer long one can hear music from roof terraces and walled gardens as women celebrate engagements, weddings and the circumcision of their sons. The meddahatts are women musicians who perform for other women. Though they are much in demand, they are held in low esteem. Many are widowed or divorced and have fallen on hard times. But their earthy humor and erotic showmanship delights their normally constrained sisters. This film is a portrait of one such orchestra.

A Muslim Childhood 2005

This film, the first in what has become a semi-autobiographical trilogy for Smihi, follows the everyday experiences of Mohamed-Larbi Salmi against the changing Moroccan society. In 1950s Tangier, Larbi Salmi is a young, timid, pre-teen, boy, trying to make sense of the gentle religious upbringing of his father, the secular education offered him in French school, and his budding desires for the forbidden pleasures of the cinema and the women he meets through it.

All-American Muslim

All-American Muslim was an American reality television program. The program followed the daily lives of five Lebanese-American Shia Muslims families in Dearborn, Michigan, the largest Muslim community in the United States. All-American Muslim premiered on November 13, 2011 on TLC. TLC canceled All-American Muslim after one season, citing low ratings.

The Ottomans: Europe's Muslim Emperors 2013

It was the world's last Islamic empire - a super-power of a million square miles. From its capital in Istanbul it matched the glories of Ancient Rome. And after six centuries in power it collapsed less than a hundred years ago. Rageh Omaar, who has reported from across this former empire, sets out to discover why the Ottomans have vanished from our understanding of the history of Europe. Why so few realise the importance of Ottoman history in today's Middle East. And why you have to know the Ottoman story to understand the roots of many of today's trouble spots from Palestine, Iraq and Israel to Libya, Syria, Egypt, Bosnia and Kosovo.

Jews and Muslims: So Far, So Close 2013

This journey through time retraces fourteen centuries of a rich shared history between Jews and Muslims. A story of great historical rigor, without concessions or bias, driven by fluid and inspired realization.

Gay Muslims

Gay Muslims is a Channel 4 documentary about how the experiences of five lesbian and gay Muslims challenge the heterosexual bias within their British communities and illustrate the diversity within Islam.

Banned by PBS: Muslims Against Jihad

Islam vs. Islamists: Voices from the Muslim Center was a documentary produced for PBS's series America at a Crossroads. It came to prominence when producer Martyn Burke, dissatisfied with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's refusal to air the documentary unless he made certain changes, accused the organization of not wanting to air it for political reasons. Burke objected to pressure from one of PBS's executives who argued that the moderates portrayed in the film should not be considered true Muslims. PBS argued, in response, that there was not enough room to air this particular documentary as part of the series, citing there were only 11 hours of airtime with 21 approved film projects. Corporation for Public Broadcasting replied that the 'film simply needs work but stands a chance to be aired eventually as a "stand-alone" program in the future.' CPB representative Michael Leavy said the film violated PBS standards and the grant agreement, but did not claim in what way the film fell short of the standards, citing CPB is only responsible for funding programs, not their content. PBS executives reportedly sent notes to the producers, saying the film would 'demonize Islam.' On April 25, 2007, Islam vs. Islamists was reviewed by Members of Congress, sponsored by Joe Lieberman, James Inhofe, and Reps. Trent Franks, Brad Sherman. A day later, Franks drafted a letter urging PBS to air the documentary removed by PBS.

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