And Then There Were None 1945

10 strangers are summoned to a remote island and while they are waiting for the mysterious host to appear, a recording levels serious accusations at each of the guests, including Judge Francis J. Quinncannon and Dr. Edward G. Armstrong, and soon they start being murdered, one by one. As the survivors try to keep their wits, they reach a disturbing conclusion: one of them must be the killer.

None but the Brave 1965

American and Japanese soldiers, stranded on a tiny Pacific island during World War II, must make a temporary truce and cooperate to survive various tribulations. Told through the eyes of the American and Japanese unit commanders, who must deal with an atmosphere of growing distrust and tension between their men.

Ten Little Indians 1974

Ten people are invited to a hotel for a weekend getaway by a Mr. U. N. Owen, who mysteriously isn't in attendance. When the group gets together for their first dinner, a record is played in which Mr. Owen accuses each guest of committing various unpunished crimes, which sets off a series of murders in the hotel.

None 2015

NONE is a short film that explores the balance of light and darkness. It has a personal narrative which plays with the notion of finding yourself amidst the noise around you.

None But the Lonely Heart 1944

When an itinerant reluctantly returns home to help his sickly mother run her shop, they're both tempted to turn to crime to help make ends meet.

Identification Marks: None 1965

The footloose ennui of Poland’s postwar generation is captured to perfection in this jazzy chronicle of a draft-dodger’s final day of freedom. A slacker before there was a word for it, Andrzej (played by Skolimowski himself) drifts through a series of open-ended encounters with women following a wake-up argument with his pouting wife, and a long-delayed military physical (the film’s title derives from one of the questions). Skolimowski hoarded four years’ worth of the annual film footage allotment from his Lódz film school in order to create this first feature marked by compositional bravado and a trademark air of the absurd. -Barbara Scharres, Gene Siskel Film Center

Tutto tutto niente niente 2012

Cetto and its city council were arrested, but in prison the conspiratorial former mayor makes no earning name as the gratitude of the powerful secretary. These decide to replace some MPs mysteriously killed precisely with Cetto and two other characters: Rodolfo Favaretto and Frengo Stop

None of That 2015

A museum guard is doing his night patrol when a tiny nun breaks into the museum and starts censoring nude art.

None But the Brave 1973

Story is about how a revolutionist, played by Cheng Pei Pei, taking on the identity of a Captain's (Ou Wei) long lost sister who is actually dead. Cheng manages to fool the Captain for a while, but little by little, the Captain catches on to her and the revolutionist's plan to stop Chinese-Japanese relations.

Second to None 2016

Frederick Butterfield has always been runner up to his twin brother Herman. When Herman, the older by a mere minute, becomes the world's oldest man, Frederick finally sees an opportunity to be first place.

None Left Standing 2002

With a heavy infatuation with modern cinema, Jon Andrews and friends, Scott and Randy, devise a plot to film a horrific event in a bad part of town and enter it into a local film festival.

The Blade Spares None 1971

Ho Li-Chun, a pretty but ruthless swordswoman, and three challengers are participating in an open tournament at Prince Kuei's Palace. A knight, Chen Jo-Yu, is defeated in the tournament. He flees and later returns with knight Tang Ching-Yun who wields a strange sword. They get trapped but Ho deliberately sets both free after seeing Tang's weapon which she recognizes as the same weapon once used by Sun Tien-Chen, a foe of the Ho family. She decides to investigate. She finds out Prince Kuei actually is Sun, who killed the real prince years ago and assumed his identity. Ho joins forces with Chen and Tang. The trio slays Sun in a desperate confrontation at the palace.

None of Your Business 2019

A mixture of fiction and documentary depicts the life of Iranian musician Ibrahim Monsefi, who died in 1997, with a voice-over carrying the spectator as the camera drifts through the city of Bandar Abbas.

Though None Go With Me 2006

Elizabeth Leroy devotes her life to serving God but her faith is tested over the years as she has to overcome many hardships and sorrows.

Two Heads Are Better Than None 2000

Two Heads Are Better Than None also known as Kenan & Kel: The Movie is a 2000 American made-for-television film that stars the cast of the Nickelodeon sitcom Kenan & Kel. It is the last feature film of comic legend Milton Berle.

None of the Above

Chronicling the highs and lows of bisexual online hook-ups by posting regular updates to her ever-growing number of followers, a vivacious Internet vlogger embarks on a public dating odyssey. Seeking affirmation and genuine affection, these fleeting encounters and shallow connections only compound her dissatisfaction, leading her towards increasingly risky behaviour, both on and offline. After receiving a heartfelt message from username “Red X”, Cassie optimistically goes on one final date. But when sensitive footage of their rendezvous goes viral, online praise and approval quickly turns to abusive vitriol. In this cautionary tale of the perils of "sharing" ourselves, Cassie’s desperate attempt to fight the tide of public opinion leads to tragic real-world consequences.

Master of None 2015

30-year-old New York actor Dev takes on such pillars of maturity as the first big job, a serious relationship, and busting sex offenders on the subway.

And Then There Were None 2015

Ten strangers, drawn away from their normal lives to an isolated rock off the Devon coast. But as the mismatched group waits for the arrival of the hosts -- the improbably named Mr. and Mrs. U.N. Owen -- the weather sours and they find themselves cut off from civilization. Very soon, the guests, each struggling with their conscience, will start to die -- one by one, according to the rules of the nursery rhyme 'Ten Little Soldier Boys' -- a rhyme that hangs in every room of the house and ends with the most terrifying words of all: '... and then there were none.

None of the Above 2013

The British Tim Shaw conducts remarkable experiments and lets the people on the streets and at home predict the outcomes.

And Then There Were None 2017

10 men and women are called to Natural Island Hotel on the isolated island Heitaijima off Yachijojima by the owner Nanao Shin. They take the dinner that has been prepared while filled with a mix of expectation and anxiety about what is going to happen and why they have been invited to this island. Then they suddenly start to hear a mysterious voice reveal their past crimes. As the 10 of them go through past incidents in their mind, one of the invited guests is murdered before their eyes. That seems to be the catalyst for the murder of another guest and then yet another. Several days after the invited guests came to Heitaijima, police head over to the island following the report of murders. They discover 10 murdered bodies on this big “locked room”. Who is the murderer and why did these 10 people have to be gathered and killed? ~ Based on the novel "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie, published in 1943.

Lost ID 2016

Shinichi Todo is handsome and smart. He is loved by family, friends and his girlfriend. Everything in his life seems to go well, but, one day, someone with the same name is arrested. After that, his smooth life changes. An imposter takes his life.

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