A Curtain Raiser 2006

Bruno, a young Frenchman, is frustated by his girlfriend's constant lack of punctuality. He decides to end their relationship the next time she is again late.

The Way to Mandalay 2018

The Way to Mandalay tells the story of one of Denmark's greatest and most beloved musicians. The film takes us on a journey from Mogenson's childhood to manhood and throughout his career which spanned more than twenty years, first with great success in a popular vocal group and later as a successful solo artist. There is a long period that John Mogensen can never be satisfied and he is confused by what are the things he truely loves and is willing to do everything for. Is it the music, the stage, the fame or his family?

While We Live 2017

Inspired by true events, "While We Live" follows four people in Northern Denmark and how their fates intertwine in a tragic accident.

Jesus lever 2000

In an idyllic small town unpleasant things happen. A pastor gets upset by the wife walking on hot coals, his former wife's grave is desecrated and his son's girlfriend suddenly disappears. What is happening?

Kalle Blomkvist Lives Dangerously 1996

The story is about a boy named Kalle Blomkvist who with his friends solves crimes. But also play the battle between the red rose and the white rose with his rival friends. But everything changes when Kalle Blomkvists friend finds a dead man in a cabin and then must his friends and he find the murdurer.

While We Live 2016

Kandia, an African women in her fifties who has lived in Sweden for 30 years, decides to move back to Gambia. Her son Ibbe, who dreams of a career in hip hop and is about to make a breakthrough, goes with her. Their encounter with their homeland, however, doesn't turn out the way they imagined. A warm, broad drama comedy about a universal theme: identity.

Le Lever des Corps 1988

In association with Jean-Luc Guionnet (image/sound). Ceremonial «haptique of two male bodies, shot in interieurs, with electroacoustic music.

The Lever and the River 1973

In the film, produced for the series "Young Scientists", for the CBC, a group of young people on vacation share the discovery of the application of the lever in some applications of everyday life.

Short Circuit 1986

After a lightning bolt zaps a robot named Number 5, the lovable machine starts to think he's human and escapes the lab. Hot on his trail is his designer, Newton, who hopes to get to Number 5 before the military does. In the meantime, a spunky animal lover mistakes the robot for an alien and takes him in, teaching her new guest about life on Earth.

The Levers 2018

A guy who was sleeping in an old car accepted a job offer from a stranger on the street. All he had to do was pulling some levers while he was listening to his favorite music through the headphone. He was satisfied for the pay with the simple job until he heard some strange sounds over the wall.

16 Sunrises 2018

450 kilometers from the Earth, during these six months when the world seems to be moving into the unknown, a dialogue is woven between the astronaut and the visionary work of Saint Exupéry that he took to the space station

Kangaroo Jack 2003

Two childhood friends — a New York hairstylist and a wanna-be musician — get mixed-up with the mob and are forced to deliver $50,000 to Australia, but things go all wrong when the money is lost to a wild kangaroo.

You Only Live Once 1937

Based partially on the story of Bonnie and Clyde, Eddie Taylor is an ex-convict who cannot get a break after being released from prison. When he is framed for murder, Taylor is forced to flee with his wife Joan Graham and baby. While escaping prison after being sentenced to death, Taylor becomes a real murderer, condemning himself and Joan to a life of crime and death on the road.

Home Sweet Home 1945

Musical romantic comedy about an orphan and the son of a Colonel and his snooty wife, who refuses to give them her blessing.

Armi Alive! 2015

Armi Ratia is the woman behind the legendary design company Marimekko and a worldwide celebrity. A theatre company has taken on the task of trying to portray the life and work of this complex person. The sets mainly consist of the well-known patterns that we all have grown to love. Armi is a brave, risk-taking businesswoman and her passion for her company repeatedly takes its toll on her employees, finances and family. The company grows while Armi's personal life is shaken by suicide attempts and turbulence. In Armi Alive!, Oscar-nominated film producer and director Jörn Donner portrays a fascinating woman with fervent ideas about the new Finnish man, her company, fabrics and clothes.

Leverage 2008

A five-person team comprised of a thief, a grifter, a hacker, and a retrieval specialist, led by former insurance investigator Nathan Ford, use their skills to fight corporate and governmental injustices inflicted on ordinary citizens.

Leverage 2019

When an unexpected case changes his outlook, a top insurance fraud investigator quits his job and recruits talented criminals, that he once caught, to form an elite fraud team who scam wealthy criminals and return the money to the victims.

Bill Bergson Lives Dangerously

Bill Bergson Lives Dangerously is a 1996 Swedish film directed by Göran Carmback. It's based on the novel with the same name, written by Astrid Lindgren. The theme music De hjältemodiga is written by Nanne Grönvall and produced by Peter Grönvall, and sung by among Nanne, Maria Rådsten, Fredrik and Christina Ådén.

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