Tía Madré 2019

Tia Madre is a horror story told through the eyes of a child: a clingy, hyper-imaginative and slightly twisted 10-year old girl named Camille whose mother Emilia inexplicably changes into something else, something more sinister, something more violent, something more distant, something that isn’t her mother anymore and quite possibly isn’t human.

Tia and Piujuq 2018

Tia, a 10 year-old Syrian refugee living in Montreal, finds a magic portal and travels to the Arctic where she befriends an Inuk girl with who she immerses herself in a world of Inuit myth and magic.

Aunt Tula 1964

Ramiro, a bank clerk and father of two young children, has been left, after his wife's death, in the care of Tula, his sister-in-law. From the novel by Miguel de Unamuno, Miguel Picazo (" Dark dreams of August ") premieres as director with this portrait of one of those small provincial cities where nothing ever happens.

Tia Creuza 2011

Tia Creuza is a lady who works in a family home, and tells in a very funny way how is the day to day in the house of the bosses, personal life and everyday things. Mockumentary made by MTV, starring Marcelo Adnet.

La tía Alejandra 1979

Old aunt Alejandra goes to live with a Mexican middle-class family; she's bitter and the children tease her and make her life miserable, but the old woman is truly a witch, and takes revenge.

La tía de Carlos 1982

The father of his girlfriend does not want her to spend a few days with Carlos, so he needs a companion. Therefore, he asks a friend to pretend to be his aunt. This will create endless trouble and confusion, especially when the real aunt of Charles arrives.

The Girls Aunt 1938

Two middle-aged no-goodniks are trying to marry two young ladies; two age-appropriate young men concoct a scheme to prevent it, which involves one of them masquerading as the young ladies' aunt.

Balthus: Tia's Radiance 1988

The inhabitants of the peaceful village Le-jeute are lured to the factory city with the promise of pleasure. A small group of workers prepare to revolt against the evil factory owner, Morlock. The worker Eud escapes, ending up in the arms of the beautiful Tia. When Morlock captures them both, Eud is thrown in the dungeon, and Tia is subjected to Morlock's sexual appetite.

Mi tía Nora 1983

Two women are torn between the past, with its traditions and apparent security, and the future full of uncertainty.

La tía Helga 2014

An old song resonates in the mind of Helmut, a song that returns to open the door to the old ghosts of his childhood and confronts him with the most dominant presence of his life, Aunt Helga.

Trapped in Tia Juana 1932

An American army officer, Kenneth Holbert, is after a Mexican bandit, El Zorro, who he doesn't know is his long-lost twin brother. Dorothy Holbert has a hard time figuring out which is which, especially since Romanian native Renaldo uses the same accent for both brothers.

The Man from Tia Juana 1917

Jack Hoxie and Marin Sais star in this 'American Girl' short. A courageous young woman must clear her boyfriend after he is framed for a hold-up.

El jardín de la tía Isabel 1972

A ship carrying Conquistadors is wrecked and the survivors are thrown ashore to struggle through the Yucatan jungle.

Tia & Tamera 2011

Tia & Tamera is an American reality television series on the Style Network. Originally titled Tia & Tamera Take 2, the series started off as a television special that aired on July 17, 2010. It was announced in February 2011 that the special was picked to series. Later, the series was changed to its current title and debuted on August 8, 2011. In September 2011, Style Network renewed the show for a second season, which later premiered on June 11, 2012. Season 3 was announced on February 12, 2013, with it premiering on July 14, 2013. The third season concluded September 22, 2013, and was the last program to air on Style, which rebranded as Esquire Network the next day; the future of the show is unknown. The series is currently airing reruns on Oxygen starting on September 26, 2013. Then on October 15, 2013, Tia & Tamera will start airing reruns on its new home network E! along with Giuliana & Bill.

Toddlers & Tiaras 2009

Toddlers & Tiaras is an American reality television series on TLC. The series debuted on January 27, 2009. The pilot for the series aired on September 7, 2008. The series follows the families of contestants in child beauty pageants. Toddlers & Tiaras is now broadcast on TLC in the United Kingdom.

Frankenstein's Aunt 1987

Frankenstein's Aunt is the protagonist of three novels - two by Allan Rune Pettersson and a seven-episode TV miniseries based on the first one. The story is a humorous homage to the Universal Horror Frankenstein films.

Tears to Tiara 2009

Set in a fictitious land during a medieval-like era of magic and fantasy, Tears to Tiara unfolds with the Divine Empire’s rise to power as it conquers and rules lands far and wide. On the island of Erin, still ruled by the Ancient Kingdom, the Goidelic people are attempting to sacrifice priestess Riannon to revive protagonist and demon king Arawn to lead the resistance against the Empire. Although the ritual fails and Riannon survives, the seal imprisoning the demon king is broken and Arawn is resurrected. Armed with mysterious and devastating powers and a human’s demeanour, Arawn joins Riannon, her brother and battalion commander, Arthur, as well as their team of fighters comprising a swordsman, an archer and a quintet of magical pixies, in the epic struggle against the Divine Empire.

Rule the World 2017

It tells the story of a woman who travels 400 years into the body of Dong Ge, the most beautiful woman in the land, yet she is born with a curse that can make or break a nation. Can a woman from the modern times learn to adapt to a new life and a new romance? Can she escape what's been written in history?

True Tears 2008

True Tears is a Japanese anime television series produced by P.A. Works and directed by Junji Nishimura. The anime aired in Japan on the TV Kanagawa television network between January 6, 2008 and March 30, 2008, containing thirteen episodes. The anime shares almost nothing in common with the visual novel of the same name that preceded it, using an entirely different story with different characters, and a different art style. An Internet radio show hosted by three voice actresses from the anime was also produced to promote the anime. The anime has been released by Bandai Entertainment in an English subtitle-only box set. A Blu-ray box set released in Japan contained an extra three-minute epilogue.

Ming Dynasty

Ming Dynasty, also known as Tianxia, is a Chinese television series based on historical events in the late Ming Dynasty during the reign of the Tianqi Emperor. It was directed by Wu Ziniu and was first broadcast on GZTV in China in December 2007. The series' working title was Da Ming Tianxia.

Tian Yu 2017

Revelation Online Animated Series

Way of Choices 2015

At the beginning of time, a mystical meteor came crashing down from outer space and scattered all over the world. A piece of it landed in the Eastern Continent. There were mysterious totems carved upon the meteor, and people gathered around it wanting to discover its usage. They discovered the Way, and established The Tradition. Several thousand years later, the fourteen years old orphan Chen Chang Shang left his master to cure his illness and change his fate. He brought a piece of marriage vow with him to the capital, thus began the journey of a rising hero.

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