Tully 2018

Marlo, a mother of three, including a newborn, is gifted a night nanny by her brother. Hesitant at first, she quickly forms a bond with the thoughtful, surprising, and sometimes challenging nanny named Tully.

Tully 2002

Tully Jr. and Earl live on their father's Nebraska ranch, proud and independent to a fault. While the shy, reclusive Earl spends his free time watching movies, the cockier Tully works his way through a succession of short-term affairs and an off-again, on-again relationship with April, a stripper in town. When their childhood friend Ella returns to town to start a veterinary practice, however, Tully falls for her -- although the townsfolk have their doubts that he could ever commit to one woman.

Ooh... You Are Awful 1972

Charlie Tully and womanising Reggie Peek con two rich Italians out of £500,000 but during their flight out Charlie is arrested for coning an American and a dog. Reggie stores the money in a Swiss Bank and after Charlie is released is about to tell him which Bank when he is killed by Sid Sabbath's gang whose girlfriend Reggie had an affair with. The only lead is four tattoos that is on the girls Reggie had affairs with while Charlie was in jail. But Sabbath is on Charlie's trail to kill him and the Italians contract the mob - to find the money and then kill him.....

Duty Free Marriage 1980

Dini goes to Sweden illegally and abandons his fiancée, Mari. After several months a young Finnish businessman called Pekka arrives in Budapest, carrying a letter and package from Dini. The sympathetic Pekka is judged by the friends of Mari to be suitable for the task of a nominal marriage, by which Mari could get out legally to Dini.

Jacinto el tullido 1984

It's always self-defense, whenever Jacinto draws his gun... but as the body-count rises, it gets harder and harder to convince peopleof his innocence, and he's forced into a drifting, outlaw existence...

The Crippled Masters 1979

Two men skilled in the arts of Kung-Fu are betrayed by their master and crippled for life, one left with no arms and the other with no legs. Despite their obvious disadvantages, they learn to combine their martial arts skills and seek revenge against the evil master.