Silencio 2018

In order to save her son's life, Ana embarks on a quest to find a powerful stone from the Zone of Silence in Mexico. Someone finds out the power the stone possesses and believes it is a power worth killing for.

Silencio 2007

Trees, the sea, megaliths, an iron bridge, a feminine figure filmed at the dying of the day.


A seven year old boy travels in Mexico with his mother, an addict to pain-killers who is unable to care for him and is hoping to persuade his dead father's family to take him off her hands. Emotionally alienated, the boy wanders around a hotel, taking refuge in his haunted imagination.

Broken Silence 2001

Winter, 1944. Lucía at 21 returns to her small village in the mountains. She again meets Manuel, a young iron-smith who helps "those in the mountain", the "maquis", the anti-Franco resistance. Lucía is attracted to Manual, because of his smile and the bravery of those men who continue fighting for their ideas, even at the cost of their own lives. When Manuel is pursued (by Franco's Civil Guard) he flees to the mountain and Lucía discovers the reality of political repression, the silence, the horror and fear.

Todo es silencio 2012

In Brétema, on the Atlantic coast, there was a time when networks of smuggling, drug trafficking converted, achieved so much influence that they were close to control everything: social power, institutions, the lives of its people. Fins, Leda and Frink explore the coast in search of what the sea throws after a wreck, the sea is for them a place of continual discovery. The fate of these young people will be marked by the shadow odious and fascinating at the same time the ubiquitous Marshall, owner of almost everything in Brétema.

The Silence of Others 2019

The story of the tortuous struggle against the silence of the victims of the dictatorship imposed by General Franco after the victory of the rebel side in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1975). In a democratic country, but still ideologically divided, the survivors seek justice as they organize the so-called “Argentinian lawsuit” and denounce the legally sanctioned pact of oblivion that intends to hide the crimes they were subjects of.

The Silence of the Sky 2016

After being a victim of rape within their own home, Diana chooses to keep the trauma secret. Mario, her husband, also has something to hide. The silence takes the couple's account over the day turns gradually into a peculiar form of violence.

Frozen Silence 2012

Russian front, winter 1943. Soldier Arturo Andrade and Sergeant Fernando Espinosa are commissioned to investigate a mysterious murder while the Spanish Blue Division of the German Army endures the fierce counterattack of the Red Army.

Dream and Silence 2012

Oriol and Yolanda live in Paris with their two daughters. During a vacation they suffer a car accident that will change their lives.

Tiempo de silencio 1986

Pedro Martín, a young and ambitious doctor, is studying the effect of cancerous cells on mice, but he has run out of mice in his laboratory, since they do not breed there, and he has no funds to purchase more of these expensive laboratory animals from the United States. Nevertheless, his assistant, Amador, informs him that he gave some of the mice to an old trapper, nicknamed “el Muecas”, who lives in precarious conditions in a shanty town outside Madrid, and that this poor man has successfully bred them with the help of the natural heat of his daughters. The incredulous scientist goes to the shanty town to obtain the mice. There, Pedro meets Muecas, Muecas's wife Ricarda and their two daughters Florita and Conchi. With the warmth of the women’s breasts, as the flirtatious Florita shows Pedro, the mice are able to reproduce.

Silencio 2007

A soundman goes in search of that rarest of sounds - silence.

Silencio 2017

Ana, wants her brother Andres to forgive her father, after years of distance. She must deal over and over again with all the situations that affect her dysfunctional family, while in silence, her own children coexist with abortion, drugs and indifference. Three conflicts over lack of communication and an unexpected end.

Silêncio 2017

A meeting of glances, hands that move away wanting to approach, conversations that denote the will of the night extend to a more intimate contact, a boy and a girl. They are young and beautiful. She has a sense of humor, he knows how to seduce. She leads the conversation lightly, but it makes her tense. Both show the same interest, but inside the intentions diverge.

Amor en silencio

Amor En Silencio is a Mexican telenovela, produced and broadcast by Televisa in 1989. The telenovela, which starred Erika Buenfil and Omar Fierro in the lead roles, is most remembered for its shocking scene in which the main heroine, Marisela and her fiancé Fernando are shot to death at their wedding by Fernando's lunatic sister, Mercedes. The infamous scene aired on a Friday night, and left the TV spectators in suspense until the following Monday episode aired. The theme song for the novela was "Amor en Silencio" by Dulce.

Silencios de familia 2016

The Diamantes are a clasic mid class family from Buenos Aires. There's Miguel (Suiar), his wife Elisa (Diaz) and their three children: Lara (19yo), Tobi (18) and Mia (15). Their lives are quiet and peaceful, however everything is going to change when they meet Fabiana (Bertotti).

Silent Court 2017

In Akabane, Tokyo, an old person, who lived alone, is found dead. The elderly person was strangled to death. Detectives from the Akabane Police Station investigate the case. According to the victim's neighbors, a woman sometimes came in and out of the victim's home. That woman is Miki Yamamoto. She does housework for her customers. The detectives from Akabane Police Station visit Miki Yamamoto's house. At that time, other detectivesfrom Saitama Prefecture also arrive at Miki Yamamoto's house. Multiple suspicious death cases have taken place at her prior clients' homes. The media begin covering the story as a serial killer case. Who is Miki Yamamoto? What is the truth behind the cases?

The Silent Valley 2016

Filip and Horia are two teenagers who seem like two usual friends, but after they spend the night in Horia's cabin, they discover their mutual attraction and they engage in an affair. After a car stops by the cabin, the two realize that they've become witnesses to a multiple homicide. Being afraid that by confessing, their relationshop will surface, the two choose to remain silent, but their secret will become harder and harder to keep and they'll find themselves in a frightening series of events.

Pointman 1994

Pointman is a TV movie pilot and TV series on the Prime Time Entertainment Network in 1994 to 1995. The premise is the main character is framed and convicted of fraud while he was an investment banker. Eventually cleared, Constantine 'Connie' Harper helps others while running a coastal resort.

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