Wildlife 2018

14-year-old Joe is the only child of Jeanette and Jerry — a housewife and a golf pro — in a small town in 1960s Montana. Nearby, an uncontrolled forest fire rages close to the Canadian border, and when Jerry loses his job (and his sense of purpose) he decides to join the cause of fighting the fire, leaving his wife and son to fend for themselves.


A wounded shut-in attempts to free himself from the ghosts and savage history that has kept him bound in the town of Springville, Utah.

Wacky Wildlife 1940

A series of typical Avery spot gags set around wild animals. A dainty deer drinks very loudly and rudely from a lake. A pack rat swaps an egg and an acorn, then back again ("monotonous, isn't it?"). A flock of ducks lands; a hunter fires; all fly away, except one with an American flag on its side. A termite fells a huge tree. A cowboy rides across the plains well, no; his horse is just slapping itself with the front hooves. A coyote calls to its mate: "Hey, Mabel, come on out!" A camel contradicts the narrator, saying he's really thirsty. A wild dog: because of the lumbermen.

Suburban Wildlife

Long time friends Louise, Nina and Alice celebrate their recent graduation with hectic partying, joined by their friend Kane who is the only friend not to attend university. Louise’s imminent departure for London adds to the underlying tension within the group, and as the boundaries between real and surreal blur, Louise devises an intervention to save their final days together. They embark on a road trip to regional Australia, and upon returning home face the reality of her departure. They are left, a group of suburban animals, on the threshold of their lives.

Amsterdam Wildlife 2015

Urban ecologist Martin Melchers and producer/presenter Merel Westrik show us animals, including wild ones, who have settled in town, even though sometimes you might not expect them to. Their search for animals wo have made their home in Amsterdam takes them to some very unusual places.

Great Wildlife Moments 2003

Great Wildlife Moments is a nature documentary DVD introduced by David Attenborough and released on 17 November 2003

Wildlife of the West

The West is known for spectacular scenery, but it’s also home to one of the world’s most impressive wildlife populations. Wildlife of the West, a companion film to the Emmy award-winning Idaho, the Movie, captures it amid the diverse beauty of Idaho and Yellowstone National Park. It takes you streamside and mountainside with bighorn sheep, moose, eagles, trophy trout, grizzly bears and more. From the flickering flight of a mountain bluebird to the dizzying habitat of the Rocky Mountain goat, it’s all here in Wildlife of the West.

Wildlife in the Rockies 1957

After many years of careful conservation, Banff and Jasper National Parks have become vast zoological gardens. Deer, moose, bear, big-horn sheep, birds and small animals that live above the treeline are natural subjects for the close-up camera, with a backdrop of snowy peaks.

John Denver: The Wildlife Concert 1995

In celebration of the Wildlife Conservation Society's 100th anniversary, popular country singer and American icon John Denver is joined by James Burton and Jim Horn in a concert for the environment. John Denver: The Wildlife Concert DVD Among the exclusive interview clips and twenty-four musical numbers are such favorites as "Sunshine on My Shoulder," "Annie's Song" and "Rocky Mountain High."

Conserving America: Champions of Wildlife

From PBS comes this inspiring documentary charting the efforts of modern-day crusaders to protect endangered species and their habitats. Stories include an Oregon man who nurses injured animals and returns them to the wild; Montana schoolchildren who build platforms for loons on Talley Lake; a Massachusetts couple who creates osprey nesting sites; and an 84-year-old Texas woman who rescues sea turtles. Burgess Meredith narrates.

BBC Wildlife Specials 1995

The BBC Wildlife Specials are a series of nature documentary programmes commissioned by BBC Television. The Wildlife Specials began with a pilot episode in 1995. 20 programmes have been made to date, with three of the recent ones being in multi parts. The earlier programmes were produced in-house by the BBC's specialist Natural History Unit, but the more recent Spy in the... titles were made by the independent John Downer Productions. The first 18 programmes, up to 2008, were narrated by David Attenborough. The most recent two were narrated by David Tennant. "The world's leading natural history filmmakers meet the world's most charismatic animals" — BBC tagline

Wildlife 2009

Unique and awe-inspiring looks at animals in their natural habitats around the world from Alaska's brown bear to Madagascar's lemurs.

Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS is a TV show on Animal Planet, based in the UK's Wildlife Aid in Leatherhead, Surrey. The show has been running since 1996 and produced by Simon Cowell's Wild Productions. And can be found on Animal Planet, Channel 5 and DMAX. It is run almost completely by volunteers. Whilst Simon is often wandering around the British country side, rescuing injured, sick or orphaned wildlife, other volunteers are usually at the hospital treating and raising patients, so they can be ready to be released back into the wild.

Wildlife Jams

Wildlife Jams is a half-hour educational television program that focuses on how animals behave in the wild and is targeted to teenage viewers. The program is narrated and also provides music from critically acclaimed jazz musicians. Wildlife Jams presents information featuring a wide variety of animal species, including fish, reptiles, birds, and land mammals. Certain episodes investigate certain types of animals, including horses, dolphins, tortoises and apes. Other episodes examine animal topics relevant to many species, such as "Animal Communication", "Animal Adaptation", and "Swimming". The narrative guides viewers through a wealth of information, but also frequently allows space for them to draw their own observations and conclusions based on the facts presented. Wildlife Jams also promotes awareness and responsibility toward wildlife issues, such as endangered species, threatened habitats, and wildlife conservation. The show is syndicated to television stations nationwide. And until its October 1, 2007 closure, it was also seen on The Tube Music Network as part of federally mandated E/I programming requirements.

Wildlife Warriors 2018

Wildlife Warriors tracks wildlife in Africa and how they interact with humans and tourists.The show consists of trips/Safaris around the various national parks across Africa and interviews with wardens and tourists.

Texas Parks and Wildlife

A weekly outdoors/nature series focusing on the incredible diversity of wildlife, scenic locations and fascinating characters that make Texas unique.

Wildlife on One

Wildlife on One was, for nearly thirty years, the BBC's flagship natural history programme. First broadcast in 1977, each edition ran for half an hour. The narrator was David Attenborough. When repeated on BBC2, the programmes were retitled Wildlife on Two. The series came to an end in 2005.

Great Wildlife Moments

Great Wildlife Moments is a nature documentary DVD introduced by David Attenborough and released on 17 November 2003. It consists of a compilation of sequences from many of the BBC Natural History Unit's award-winning natural history series and specials, including Life on Earth, The Trials of Life, Wildlife on One and The Blue Planet. The featured clips are according to the habitats they were filmed in, including ocean, forest, jungle and desert. Special features on the DVD include: ⁕A commentary by the film-makers for some of the sequences ⁕A list of heads of the Natural History Unit ⁕A filmography of the Natural History Unit ⁕"The Making Of" featurettes

Outback Wildlife Rescue 2008

Outback Wildlife Rescue is an observational documentary series that features the real life drama of animal rescue, set against the vast and rugged beauty of the Australian outback. The cast of everyday heroes includes wildlife vets, animal carers, a crocodile management team and amazing animals found nowhere else on Earth. The series is produced by Freehand Productions for broadcast on the Seven Network in 2008. BBC Worldwide distribute the series internationally.

Audubon Wildlife Theatre

Audubon Wildlife Theatre is a Canadian documentary television series which aired on CBC Television between April 1968 and June 1974. The series presented wildlife footage filmed by many contributors including award winner Dan Gibson and others such as Jack Carey, Wilf Gray, Edgar Jones, William Jahoda, John D. Bulger and Walter Berlet.

Britain's Big Wildlife Revival 2013

Britain's Big Wildlife Revival brings together some of the BBC's most respected wildlife experts to highlight the plight of Britain's most at-risk animals.

Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors

Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors is an Australian factual television series. It aired on Network Ten on 6 October 2012. It stars Bindi Irwin, Terri Irwin, and Robert Irwin. The show is a tribute to Steve Irwin.

The Truth About Wildlife

The Truth About Wildlife is the name of a regional wildlife programme originally broadcast on BBC One South, including the Oxford opt out service, BBC One South West, including the Channel Islands opt out service, and BBC One West between 30 May and 13 June 2011. Following the success of the programme, it was later repeated on BBC Two so the remainder of the regions could view it.

Bill Oddie's How to Watch Wildlife 2005

Bill Oddie's How to Watch Wildlife is a British BBC 2 TV programme about natural history presented by Bill Oddie and produced by Stephen Moss. A first series of eight episodes were broadcast in early 2005, and a second series of eight episodes in early 2006.

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