Dora and Friends: Into the City!

Dora and Friends: Into the City!
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Dora goes to school and lives in Playa Verde, which is a city. Together with the explorer girls Emma, Kate, Naiya, and Alana and her only male companion, Pablo, Dora and her friends work together and go on amazing adventures while discovering the secrets of their city. Dora has a magical charm bracelet and a smart phone, complete with an app version of the previous Map to aid her. Her friend Kate is fond of drama, while Emma loves music. Alana is tomboyish but loves animals, Naiya is smart and loves to read, and Pablo loves playing soccer.

Title Dora and Friends: Into the City!
Alternative Titles H Ντόρα και οι Φίλοι της: Περιπέτειες στην πόλη
First Air Date 2014-08-18
Last Air Date 2017-11-25
Number of Episodes 42
Number of Seasons 3
Genres Animation, Kids,
Networks Nickelodeon,
Casts Fatima Ptacek
Dora Marquez (voice)
Dora Marquez (voice)
Fatima Ptacek
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